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Need help on a daily basis ?
A few clicks and your hero is on his way
for anything you might think of,
anywhere, anytime !

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How does it work?

Pockero Step One

I call for help

Whether you need help setting up furniture, a drill for 2 hours, a hand repainting the walls, a lawnmower for an hour ... A hero is always there to help.

Pockero Step Two

A hero comes to my rescue

Once your call for help is sent, someone in your community responds to your request within minutes. A phone call is all you need to organize and plan your meeting.

Pockero Step Three

I prepare my reward

Every service deserves a reward, it is up to you to choose by what means you will gratify your hero. After the effort, comfort, what better than lounging for a few moments before returning to the adventure ?

A whole community at your service

Pockero Rewards Drink

Working makes you hungry !

Have you ever heard of a worker's thirst? Imagine a Hero's one! Thank your Hero by inviting him to have a drink.

Pockero Rewards Food

Heros can feel hungry too !

Pizza? Burger? Kebab? Okay, but no more than 2000 calories a day. A hero must be in good shape! (round is a shape)

Pockero Rewards Tip

No time to spare? Just tip !

People say money can't buy happiness... I'm willing to cry in a cabriolet !

Pockero Community Hands Holding

On your mark! Get set? Help!

Help the Pockero community grow! The more you help, the more advantages you gain in your city.

We're always free to talk!

Ready to join our community of super heros? AMAZING!